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Pig-zoonoses and Non-Zoonoses

Lead Organization Department of Livestock and Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (DLF-MAF), Lao PDR

Partner Organizations

  • National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute
  • National Epidemiology and Laboratory Center
  • Livestock Research Center, National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute
  • Department of Hygiene and Prevention, Ministry of Health, Lao PDR

Research Aim The research team in Lao PDR are centralizing their research upon the following research hypothesis:

Upland, lowland context and village ecology influences, pig, human and environmental health in rural Laos

Essentially they will be looking to confirm the prevalence of social and ecological interactions of pig related issues in both upland, and lowland contexts. There will be a focus upon important pig related, production and zoonotic diseases in the country, and the possible ecological (and zoonotic) associations of these diseases in different pig production systems.

Questions will be asked as to how the priorities of trans-disciplinary researchers, decision makers, and communities can be combined to achieve a common goal, and specifically - what are the appropriate recommendations for intervention in Lao PDR based on the research results.

Research Methods Beyond looking to build upon previous work conducted on the theme in Lao PDR, the team will be employing focus group discussions, cross-sectional surveys, household questionnaires and biological sampling (to determine disease prevalence) amongst other research tools to answer their research hypothesis.

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